MTextureEditorDrawInfo Class Reference
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#include <MTextureEditorDrawInfo.h>

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Detailed Description

Drawing state for drawing to the UV texture window with custom shapes.

This class is used by drawUV method of MPxSurfaceShapeUI to specify the current UV drawing state for a user defined shape. API users must override the canDrawUV method on MPxSurfaceShapeUI to recieve drawUV calls. The only situation where the drawing style can change is during a selection event. However, selection events are currently not passed onto the API user. Therefore, most of the functionality in this class is place holder for future work.

See also:

apiMeshShapeUI.cpp, and apiMeshShapeUI.h.

Public Types

enum   DrawingFunction {
   kDrawFunctionFirst = 1, kDrawWireframe = kDrawFunctionFirst, kDrawEverything, kDrawVertexForSelect,
   kDrawEdgeForSelect, kDrawFacetForSelect, kDrawUVForSelect, kDrawFunctionLast = kDrawUVForSelect
  Draw modes. More...

Public Member Functions

  MTextureEditorDrawInfo ()
  MTextureEditorDrawInfo (const MTextureEditorDrawInfo &in)
virtual  ~MTextureEditorDrawInfo ()
DrawingFunction  drawingFunction () const
void  setDrawingFunction ( DrawingFunction func)

Member Enumeration Documentation

Draw modes.

kDrawFunctionFirst  Lowest possible enum value.
kDrawWireframe  Draw wireframe only (default).
kDrawEverything  Draw vertices, uvs, faces, and edges.
kDrawVertexForSelect  Draw vertices for selection.
kDrawEdgeForSelect  Draw edges for selection.
kDrawFacetForSelect  Draw faces for selection.
kDrawUVForSelect  Draw uvs for selection.
kDrawFunctionLast  Highest possible enum value.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MTextureEditorDrawInfo::MTextureEditorDrawInfo (  ) 


MTextureEditorDrawInfo::MTextureEditorDrawInfo ( const MTextureEditorDrawInfo other  ) 

Copy constructor.

[in]  other  texture draw info object to copy

MTextureEditorDrawInfo::~MTextureEditorDrawInfo (  )  [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

MTextureEditorDrawInfo::DrawingFunction MTextureEditorDrawInfo::drawingFunction (  )  const

Indicates the current drawing state for a drawUV method call.

The current drawing function.

void MTextureEditorDrawInfo::setDrawingFunction ( MTextureEditorDrawInfo::DrawingFunction  func  ) 

Sets the current drawing state. Currently the API user is unable to set these values. All drawing state values are determined internally and passed onto the API programmer.

[in]  func  drawing function.

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