The Maya FBX Plug-in includes the following import workflow presets:

Selecting a preset

Choose your preset by selecting it from the Current Preset menu in the File Type Specific Options rollout of the Maya FBX Plug-in.

Current Preset menu

Preset Description
Autodesk Media and Entertainment The Autodesk Media and Entertainment preset contains the most options since it contains the optimal settings for most animation workflows. All available options are visible in the UI so you can access and customize them.
Autodesk MotionBuilder Use the Autodesk MotionBuilder preset if you are using a Maya to MotionBuilder back to Maya workflow. This preset uses the Constraints and FBIK Definition options set for optimal Character animation using Maya and MotionBuilder.
User Defined User Defined preset label displays whenever you modify a setting that is different from the preset default.

Editing presets

If you change a preset, the preset field displays User defined, to show that the preset differs from its default state. You can find the user-defined states in a temporary file so that the settings are the default the next time you use the plug-in.

You can also save your settings is a custom preset. See Creating a custom preset.