Creating a custom preset

You can design your own preset where you design the UI with options and settings specific to you needs. You can then share this preset with others.

To create a custom preset

  1. Select File and click the option box next to Import, Export All, or Export Selection.

    NoteYou cannot create custom FBX presets using the Export Edits and Export Proxy Asset option boxes.

    The Options dialog box appears.

  2. Select FBX export from the General Options File type menu.

    File type menu

    The Edit Preset button appears in the File Type Specific Options rollout.

  3. Click the Edit Preset button to show the Export/Import Options dialog box.

    Edit preset option

  4. The UI of the Edit Preset dialog box is split into two sections, adding a tree view of the FBX options in the left section.
  5. Select, and then right-click elements in the Tree View to access the Edit options. See Edit mode options for a guide to the available preset design options.

    NoteSome edit options are common to all structure levels, while some are specific to a particular structure level. You can apply some options at any level of the options structure. See Edit mode options.
  6. Once you have finished, click Save preset.
  7. The Saving new preset dialog box appears. Type the name of the new preset for example, “MyNewPreset”.

    The new preset appears in the Maya FBX Plug-in the next time you load Maya.

The Maya FBX Plug-in stores custom presets in a file so you can share them with other users. You can find custom preset files in My Documents\Maya\FbxPresets directory.

NoteBake Animation Start/End/Step values cannot be saved in presets. The Maya FBX Plug-in always derives these values from the exported scene. For more see Preset Bake Animation settings