The Statistics window lets you view relevant meta information about the incoming (FBX) file and system (application) settings. Information varies depending on what is in the file.

NoteSometimes statistics information is hidden below the window edge; use the scroll bar to view it.

File name

Displays the name of the file.

File directory

Displays the location of the file directory.

File version

Displays the FBX file format version of the file.

File creator

Displays the name and version of the application that created the file.

File creation time

Displays the date and time that the file was created.

File axis direction

Displays the up-axis of the file.

File units

Displays the unit of measurement in the file.

System axis direction

Displays what the up-axis is in the current application.

System units

Displays the unit of measurement used in the current application.

File content

Displays the contents of the file.