The Include rollout lets you decide what data and conversions to apply to your scene at import from a host application.

File Content

Use the File content menu to select how to import the content of your file into the host application.

Select from the following three options:

Option Definition
Add and update scene elements This option adds the content of the FBX file to your scene and updates existing elements. Use this option to add non-existent elements to the scene, and replace the animation of elements already present in the host application. Select this setting to combine the effects of the Add to scene and Update scene elements options.
NoteAdd and update scene elements is the default setting for the Autodesk Media & Entertainment preset.
Update Scene Elements This option updates the existing elements in your scene. Use this option to update (exclusive merge) elements that already exist in the host application. Update scene elements does not create new elements in the host application.
Add to Scene This option adds all content of the FBX file to the host application. If elements exist in the host application, the plug-in duplicates them.