Manual Navigation
Command entry: Track View Options menu Manual Navigation
Command entry:Graph Editor Track View - Curve Editor Right-click the Controller window. Manual Navigation.

Manual Navigation turns off the Auto Scroll features of the controller window and allows you to select which tracks will display on an individual basis.

The default behavior of the Controller window is to automatically display the selected object animated tracks, and to hide them when the object is not selected in the viewport. Turning on Manual Navigation changes this behavior so that deselecting the object will not make the curves disappear from view.

When Manual Navigation is engaged, buttons appear in the Controller window next to the tracks, that allow you to expand or collapse individual containers such as objects or materials.

TipUse Alt+right-click to quickly access tools for expanding and collapsing selected tracks.

To collapse individual components in the Controller window:

  1. On the Graph Editors menu, choose Track View - Curve Editor.
  2. Right-click the controller window and turn on Manual Navigation.
  3. Click any item label in the controller window.

    An small minus sign within a circle appears to the left of the entry.

  4. Click the minus sign in the circle.

    The tracks collapse. A plus sign within a circle appears.

    When Manual Navigation is turned off, tracks expand based on Auto-Expand choices made on the Settings Auto Expand menu.