Using Objects as Bones
Command entry:Select a linked object or multiple objects linked to each other. Animation menu Bone Tools Object Properties rollout Bone On toggle

You can use arbitrary objects such as cylinders or boxes as bones, controlling their animation as if they were bones in a bones system. You can apply an IK solver to the boned objects.

To use objects as bones, select them and then turn on the Bone On toggle on the Object Properties rollout of the Bone Tools dialog.

WarningTurning on Freeze Length has no visible effect unless you transform the child of the object to which Freeze Length is applied.

Once you've set objects to function as bones, applying an IK solution behaves as it does for standard bone objects. The geometry of the boned objects can stretch or squash during animation.


To use objects as bones:

  1. Link the objects you want to display as bones.
  2. Select all of these objects.
    NoteYou can set a single object to work as a bone, but this doesn't have much use.
  3. Choose Animation menu Bone Tools.

    The floating Bone Tools dialog is displayed.

  4. On the Object Properties rollout, turn on Bone On.

    3ds Max now treats the selected objects as bones.

  5. Select the object to use as the start of the IK chain.
  6. Choose Animation IK Solvers HI Solver.

    You can choose a different IK solver, but the HI Solver is the preferred choice.

  7. Click to select the end of the IK chain.

    Now when you transform the boned objects, their movement is governed by the IK solver.