Command entry: Create panel (Systems)

A system combines objects, linkages, and controllers to produce an object set that has behavior as well as geometry. Systems help you create animations that would be much more difficult or time-consuming to produce using features independently. Systems can range from simple object generators to full-scale subsystem programs.

Systems are primarily intended for plug-in component software. Additional systems might be available if your configuration includes plug-in systems.

You can externally reference system objects in your scene. For more information, see XRef Objects.


To create a system:

  1. On the Create panel, click (Systems).

    Now the Object Type rollout displays different types of systems.

  2. On the Object Type rollout, choose a system to create.
  3. Drag in a viewport to create the system.
See Also
  • Bones System

    A Bones system is a jointed, hierarchical linkage of bone objects that can be used to animate other objects or hierarchies.

  • Ring Array System

    The Ring Array object consists of a dummy object surrounded by a ring of boxes. You can arrange the boxes in the ring along a sine curve, vary their number, and animate the ring array's parameters. You can also replace the boxes with other objects using Track View, as described in the Procedures section, below.