Modify Subtree
Command entry: Track View Dope Sheet Introduction Display toolbar (Modify Subtree)

Modify Subtree lets you move and scale on all sub-tracks for any/all tracks on a node. It has two modes: Edit Keys and Edit Ranges.

Note Modify Child Keys works similarly, but for child nodes of the current object. Modify Subtree lets you edit timing for a subset of tracks for an object, while Modify Child Keys lets you edit the timing of an entire linked structure, group, or character.


To drag the ranges and linked descendants of an object:

  1. In the Dope Sheet Editor, click (Edit Ranges).

    Modify Subtree is on by default.

  2. Drag the World range bar or the Objects range bar.

    With Modify Subtree on, a range bar is displayed in the Objects branch. The Objects branch is the default parent of all named objects in the scene.

    Dragging a parent Objects range bar with Modify Subtree on affects all tracks subordinate to the object and all tracks of its linked descendants.

    Dragging the World range bar with Modify Subtree on affects all tracks in the scene, including Sounds, Materials, and all tracks of all objects.

  3. Turn off (Modify Subtree).

    The World range bar and the Objects range bar are no longer available. In this mode you can affect the range of an individual object or track without affecting its descendants.


Modify Subtree (Edit Keys)

Edits (cuts, pastes, or moves) keys in the parent track. Anything you do to the keys in the parental track affects the child keys as well.

NoteAdding keys only affects the current track.
Modify Subtree (Edit Range)

Affects the tracks of an object and all of its descendent objects. When you edit the range of a parent object, the child objects are also affected.