Track View Shortcuts

This topic lists Track View functions for which keyboard shortcuts can be set. Where there is no default keyboard shortcut listed and no button shown in the action list, a brief description appears in the right column.

To use Track View keyboard shortcuts, the Keyboard Shortcut Override toggle must be on.

Track View Function Default Keyboard Shortcut Description
Access Hierarchy Select Name Field   Accesses the track selection field at the lower left of Track View window
Access Time Field   Accesses the time field at the lower left of Track View window
Access Track Name Field   Accesses the name of the Track View window at upper right
Access Value Field   Accesses the value field at the lower left of Track View window
Insert Keys A  
Add Note Track    
Add Visibility Track    
Align Keys    
Apply Ease Curve Ctrl+E  
Apply Multiplier Curve Ctrl+M  
Assign Controller C  
Auto Expand Animated    
Auto Expand Keyable    
Auto Expand Limits    
Collapse All    
Collapse Objects    
Collapse Tracks    
Copy Controller Ctrl+C  
Copy Time    
Cut Time    
Delete Controller    
Delete Ease/Multiplier Curve    
Delete Note Track    
Delete Visibility Track    
Draw Curves    
Ease Curve Out-of-Range Types    
Ease/Multiplier Curve Enable Toggle    
Edit Keys Mode    
Edit Ranges Mode    
Edit Time Mode    
Edit Track Set    
Exclude Left End Point Toggle    
Exclude Right End PointToggle    
Expand Object Toggle O (letter "o")  
Expand Objects    
Expand Track Toggle ENTER, T  
Expand Tracks    
Filters Q  
Freeze Nonselected Curves    
Function Curves Mode    
Ignore Animation Range    
Insert Time    
Keyable Properties Toggle    
Lock Selection Spacebar  
Lock Tangents Toggle L  
Make Controller Unique U  
Modify Subtree Toggle    
Move Highlight Down Down Arrow  
Move Highlight Up Up Arrow  
Move Keys M  
Move Keys Horizontal    
Move Keys Vertical    
Move Object Down   Moves an object down in the hierarchy display
Move Object Up   Moves an object up in the hierarchy display
Multiplier Curve Out-of-Range Types    
Nudge Keys Left Left Arrow  
Nudge Keys Right Right Arrow  
Pan P  
Parameter Curve Out-of-Range Types    
Paste Controller Ctrl+V  
Paste Limit Only    
Paste Time    
Position Ranges Mode    
Reduce Keys    
Remove Limit    
Respect Animation Range    
Reverse Time    
Scale Keys    
Scale Time    
Scale Values    
Scroll Down Ctrl+Down Arrow  
Scroll Up Ctrl+Up Arrow  
Select All    
Select Children    
Select Invert    
Select None    
Select Time    
Select Lower Limit    
Set Tangents to Auto    
Set Tangents to Custom    
Set Tangents to Fast    
Set Tangents to Linear    
Set Tangents to Slow    
Set Tangents to Smooth    
Set Tangents to Step    
Set Upper Limit    
Show All Tangents    
Show Keys on Frozen Curves    
Show Selected Key Stats    
Show Tangents Toggle    
Slide Keys    
Snap Frames S  
Toggle Limit    
Track View Utilities    
Zoom Z  
Zoom Horizontal Extents    
Zoom Horizontal Extents Alt+X  
Zoom Region    
Zoom Selected Object    
Zoom Time    
Zoom Value Extents    
Zoom Values    
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