Customize User Interface Dialog
Command entry:Customize menu Customize User Interface

The Customize User Interface dialog lets you create an entirely customized user interface, including shortcuts, quad menus, menus, toolbars, and colors. You can also add commands and macro scripts by selecting either a text or icon button to represent the command or script on the toolbar.

Most commands in the 3ds Max interface appear in this dialog as action items. An action item is simply a command that you can assign to a keyboard shortcut, toolbar, quad menu, or menu. The Keyboard, Toolbars, Quads, and Menus panels of this dialog show tables of action items that you can assign. (Tables in the Colors panel list UI elements, instead.)

NoteA few action items do not correspond to any elements in the default user interface. See Additional Keyboard Commands.
See Also
  • Keyboard Panel

    The Keyboard panel lets you create your own keyboard shortcuts. You can assign shortcuts to most commands available in 3ds Max.

  • Toolbars Panel

    The Toolbars panel lets you edit existing toolbars and create your own custom toolbars. You can add, remove, and edit buttons on existing toolbars, or you can delete the toolbars entirely. You can also create custom toolbars with both 3ds Max commands and scripts.

  • Quads Panel

    The Quads panel lets you customize the quad menus. You can create your own quad menu sets, or you can edit existing sets. In the Quads panel, you can customize menu labels, functionality, layout, and shortcuts. The advanced quad menu options let you modify the color and behavior of the quad menu system. You can also save and load custom menu sets.

  • Menus Panel

    The Menus panel lets you customize the menus in 3ds Max. You can edit existing menus or create your own. You can customize menu labels, functionality, and layout.

  • Colors Panel

    The Colors panel of the Customize User Interface dialog allows you to customize the look of the 3ds Max interface. You can adjust the colors for almost every element in the interface, giving you the freedom to design your own unique style.