Float Controllers

The controllers described in this topic are available only for parameters that use the Float data type.

On/Off Controller

An On/Off controller controls parameters using binary on and off values. The On/Off track displays a solid blue color in frames that are on, and the background in frames that are off. The on/off state of the parameter switches every time you add a key.

Use for binary parameters such as the Smooth object parameter, or for Visibility tracks.

Boolean Controller

The Boolean Controller is a variation on the On/Off controller. It provides a similar functionality, but with one significant difference. The on/off state of the parameter does not switch automatically every time you add a key. This allows you to effectively add keys in the middle of a sequence without creating unintended drastic changes.

Waveform Controller

A Waveform controller generates values by combining periodic waveforms. You can specify different types of waveforms and add waveforms together to create complex animation.

Waveform was originally created to control blinking lights. Use it for any value that you want to vary in a regular, oscillating pattern.