Controlling Transforms

Transform controllers are compound controllers. They set the type and behavior of the controllers used for Position, Rotation, and Scale.

You assign Transform controllers using either Track View — Curve Editor or the Motion panel. Compound Transform controllers do not display properties in Track View. You can access the parameters of Transform controllers only in the Motion panel.

Position/Rotation/Scale Controller

The Position/Rotation/Scale (PRS) controller is a simple Transform controller applicable for most objects. When applied the PRS Transform controller sets up default Bezier Position, TCB Rotation, and Bezier Scale controllers.

Use a PRS controller whenever you want a standard transform set up or when you want single function curve control over the Position, Rotation, and Scale controllers.

NotePRS controller is no longer the default controller applied to all objects. The latest version of 3ds Max uses Position XYZ and Euler XYZ as the new default controllers for position and rotation transforms.

Transform Script Controller

The Transform Script controller contains all of the information contained in a PRS Controller in one scripted matrix value. Instead of having three separate tracks for position, rotation, and scale, all three values can be simultaneously accessed from one script controller dialog. Because the transform values are defined by a script, they are easier to animate.

The value of the controller script must be a matrix3 value. A matrix3 value is a 4x3 3D transformation matrix. For more information, see the Matrix3 Values topic in the MAXScript Help.

XRef Controller

The XRef controller lets you externally reference any type of Transform controller from another scene file. When you assign this controller to your object, it nests the source controller, making it only accessible for playback. You can use the XRef controller either on its own, or combine it with an XRef Object.