Load Envelopes Dialog (Skin Modifier)
Command entry:Select a mesh, patch, or NURBS object. Modify panel Apply a Skin modifier. Advanced Parameters rollout Load button

The Load Envelopes dialog associated with the Skin modifier allows you to load saved envelopes to specific bones. This resizable dialog shows the current envelopes in your scene and the incoming envelopes. Use the controls to manipulate the incoming envelopes so they align with the current envelopes.



Accepts any changes and closes the dialog.


Discards any changes and closes the dialog.

Move Up/Down

Move the current selection in the incoming list up or down.

Create Blank

Creates space in the Incoming list.

Use this when loading data onto a skeleton that is not identical as the one from which the data was saved. For example, if your original skeleton had three fingers and the new one has only two fingers, you might need to add spaces in the list to line up the fingers correctly.


Removes the current selected incoming envelopes.

Match by Name

Resorts the Incoming list and matches any bones that have the same name in the list of current envelopes.

Remove Incoming Prefix

Removes any prefixes on the names of the incoming envelopes.

Remove Current Prefix

Removes any prefixes on the names of the current envelopes.

Load End Points

Loads the envelope end point positions.

Load Cross Sections

Loads the envelope cross sections.

Load Vertex Data

When on, loads weights at the vertex level. Normally only the envelope data is loaded so any manual adjustments to the vertex data are lost. This option lets you load those manual edits.

Load Exclusion Lists

Lets you also load user-generated exclusion-list data, which specifies that certain vertices should not be affected by certain bones. See Exclude Selected Verts and Show Exclusions.

Load Vertices By Index

Lets you load vertices by index rather than vertex position. You would typically use this option with identical meshes that have not undergone any type of topology change. This should be off if you've changed the topology, by, for instance, deleting or adding vertices or changing their order.

Current Incoming Vertex Set

When Load Vertex Data is on, use these controls to match vertex sets in cases where the Skin modifier is instanced. In such cases you might need to set up several vertex sets.

The Move Up/Create Blank/Move Down buttons have the same functions as in the Envelopes lists.