Custom (v1.0) Commands can be defined from a pre-defined category. Each category specifies the base arguments of a command and the location of the menu item for that command in Softimage. Softimage automatically installs a menu item for each command created for a specific category.

You can retrieve the type of category specified using either SIObject.Categories or Command.Category but you cannot define custom categories for this type of command. For that you need to use the alternative and more powerful, way to create custom commands and add them to Menus: via the self-installing plug-in APIs.

C# Syntax

siCommandCategory.siImportCategory                                          // 0
siCommandCategory.siExportCategory                                          // 1
siCommandCategory.siSettingsCategory                                        // 2
siCommandCategory.siHelpCategory                                            // 3
siCommandCategory.siNoCategory                                              // 4
siCommandCategory.siFCurveCategory                                          // 5
Constant Value Description
siImportCategory 0 File import operations. Commands of this category take a single argument, which is the name of the file to import. These commands appear in the Softimage File|Import menu pane. When called from the menu the file name argument will be empty, in which case the command implementation will often display some user interface to ask the user for information about the file to import (see XSIUIToolkit.FileBrowser and CustomProperty). The filename argument can be explicitly specified when the command is called from scripting, as a way to execute the import operation in batch mode.
siExportCategory 1 File export operations. Commands of this category take a single argument, which is the name of the file to export. These commands appear in the Softimage File|Export menu pane. Like Import commands, the file argument is empty when the command is invoked from the menu.
siSettingsCategory 2 This category is deprecated, any commands that are registered with this category now appear at the bottom of the File menu. It is recommended that a custom menu be used instead, with the anchor point siMenuMainApplicationPreferencesID.
siHelpCategory 3 This category is deprecated. It is possible to add a menu item to the Help menu by creating a custom Menu at the siMenuMainHelpID anchor point. See also OpenNetView and SIObject.Help.
siNoCategory 4 Used for declaring a command with no category. The majority of custom and built-in commands belong to this category and they do not appear automatically in any Softimage menu (they can be placed in Softimage menus by calling Menu.AddCommandItem).
siFCurveCategory 5 Category of commands which operate on fcurves and appear in the Edit menu of the fcurve editor. They cannot be invoked from Scripting. They take a single argument which is the FCurveEditor context object.

Applies To

XSIApplication.CreateCommand Application::CreateCommand

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