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The ImageClip object represents an instance of an Image Source, which in turn is a reference to an image stored on disk. ImageClips and Image Sources are used as a means of introducing images into FxTrees, or as textures influencing Shaders. Image clips are created by calling AddImageClip or CreateImageClip.

Important information such as the File path and resolution are stored as Parameters of the Image Source, which can be retrieved by calling Clip.Source. You can read the pixel values of the image by calling ImageClip.GetImage.


AddCustomOp AddICEAttribute AddProperty AddProperty2
AddScriptedOp AddScriptedOpFromFile AnimatedParameters2 BelongsTo operator
EvaluateAt GetFileName GetICEAttributeFromName GetImage
GetScaledDownImage GetShaderParameterTargets IsA IsAnimated2
IsClassOf operator IsEqualTo operator IsKindOf IsLocked operator
IsSelected operator LockOwners RemoveICEAttribute SetAsSelected operator
SetCapabilityFlag operator SetLock TaggedParameters UnSetLock


Application BranchFlag operator Capabilities operator Categories
Effect EvaluationID Families operator FullName operator
Help HierarchicalEvaluationID ICEAttributes LockLevel operator
LockMasters operator LockType operator MappedItems Model
Name operator NestedObjects ObjectID Origin
OriginPath Owners PPGLayout operator Parameters operator
Parent Parent3DObject Properties Relations
Selected operator Source TimeControl Type operator


1. VBScript Example

' This example illustrates how to create an ImageClip object and connect it 
' as the source of an image texture.
NewScene , false
set oImage = AddImageSource( "$SI_HOME\Data\XSI_SAMPLES\Pictures\jio.jpg" )
set oImageClip = AddImageClip( oImage )
set oSphere = ActiveSceneRoot.AddGeometry( "Sphere", "MeshSurface" )
set oMaterial = oSphere.AddMaterial("Phong")
set oPhong = oMaterial.Shaders( "Phong" )
set oColor8Mix1 = oPhong.ambient.ConnectFromProgID("Softimage.sib_color_8mix.1")
set oColor8Mix2 = oPhong.diffuse.ConnectFromProgID("Softimage.sib_color_8mix.1")
set oTex2D = oColor8Mix1.color1.ConnectFromProgID("Softimage.txt2d-image-explicit.1")
call oColor8Mix2.color1.Connect(oTex2D)
set oTex2D.tex.Source = oImageClip

2. JScript Example

        This example illustrates how to retrieve the image file name used for the texture of
        an object. It also illustrates how to retrieve the x and y resolution of that image.
var oCube = CreatePrim("Cube", "MeshSurface", null, null);
ApplyShader(null, null, null, siUnspecified, siLetLocalMaterialsOverlap);
CreateProjection("cube", siTxtSpherical, siTxtDefaultSpherical, "", 
                        "Texture_Projection", null, siRelDefault, "");
BlendInPresetsInsp(null, null, null, true, siReplaceAndBlendInPreset, null, null, null, null);
var oImageClip = oCube.Material.CurrentImageClip;
var oImageSource = oImageClip.Source;
LogMessage("The image filename is " + oImageSource.Parameters("FileName").Value);
LogMessage("The image x resolution is " + oImageSource.Parameters("XRes").Value);
LogMessage("The image y resolution is " + oImageSource.Parameters("YRes").Value);
// Expected result:
//INFO : "The image filename is <$factory>\Application\rsrc\noIcon.pic"
//INFO : "The image x resolution is 256"
//INFO : "The image y resolution is 256"

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