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v9.0 (2011)


A Value Map is set of name-value pairs defined for a ShaderDef, a ShaderParamDef, a ShaderArrayParamDef, or a MetaShaderRendererDef. This is the equivalent of a dictionary or associative array.

Tip: There is no Count property implemented on this object, so if you want to access the number of entries (for example, if you wanted to iterate over the entire set), you should use the ValueMap.Names property to get the list of names defined in this ValueMap and then get the length of that safeArray.


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1. Python Example

# See the example under the ValueMap.Remove method

2. JScript Example

	This example demonstrates how to iterate over the ValueMap items
	and extract the name-value pairs
var app = Application;
var e = new Enumerator(app.ShaderDefinitions);
for (; !e.atEnd(); e.moveNext()) {
	var oShaderDef = e.item();
	if (oShaderDef.Attributes) {
		// Get the list of names
		var vbaNames = new VBArray(oShaderDef.Attributes.Names);
		var aNames = vbaNames.toArray();
		if (aNames.length) {
			// Get the list of values
			var vbaValues = new VBArray(oShaderDef.Attributes.Values);
			var aValues = vbaValues.toArray();
			app.LogMessage(oShaderDef.Name+" has "+aNames.length+" attribute name(s) and "+aValues.length+" value(s):");
			for (var i=0; i<aNames.length; i++) {
				var sName = aNames[i];
				app.LogMessage("\t- "+sName+" == "+aValues[i]);
// INFO : Softimage.soft_light.1.0 has 1 attribute name(s) and 1 value(s):
// INFO : 	- {C535FA4D-E44A-45EB-AEE0-9F9AAEA91745} == undefined
// INFO : Softimage.material-lambert.1.0 has 1 attribute name(s) and 1 value(s):
// INFO : 	- {C535FA4D-E44A-45EB-AEE0-9F9AAEA91745} == undefined
// INFO : Softimage.material-phong.1.0 has 1 attribute name(s) and 1 value(s):
// INFO : 	- {C535FA4D-E44A-45EB-AEE0-9F9AAEA91745} == undefined

See Also

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