Returns true if the input object meets the filter requirements, the input object can be either a single object or a collection of objects. If a collection is passed in then the function returns true if each object in the collection matches the requirements, otherwise the function returns false. If no object is passed by the caller then the current selection is used.

C# Syntax

Boolean Filter.Match( Object in_pObj );

Scripting Syntax

oBoolean = Filter.Match( Object );

Return Value



Parameter Type Description
Object SIObject, X3DObject, SubComponent, Property or XSICollection If this argument is omitted by the caller, the function receives a XSICollection object filled with the currently selected objects.


VBScript Example

' Example to show how to use the LargeMesh filter Match 
' method
' README: install the example from the filter object help 
' page before running this example.
set f = Application.Filters("LargeMesh")
if ( typename(f) <> "Nothing" ) then
	set model = ActiveSceneRoot
	set cone = model.AddGeometry( "cone", "MeshSurface" )
	set grid = model.AddGeometry( "Grid", "MeshSurface" )
	For Each o in model.Children
			LogMessage o & " is a large mesh: " & f.Match(o)
	'Output of above script:
	'INFO : "Camera_Root is a large mesh: False"
	'INFO : "light is a large mesh: False"
	'INFO : "cone is a large mesh: False"
	'INFO : "grid is a large mesh: True"
end if