Editing Multiple UV Sets

You can display and edit multiple UV coordinate sets simultaneously in the texture editor. These UV coordinate sets can belong to a single object, or, if more than one object is selected, to multiple objects.

This is useful for a number of tasks including:

You can select and modify sample points on multiple coordinate sets simultaneously. You can snap sample points from one set to another, and copy and paste coordinates between sets. However, the different coordinate sets are independent for the purposes of operations like healing, relaxing, and matching.

To display and edit multiple UV sets

  1. Select multiple objects or an object with multiple UV sets, and open the texture editor.

    If the texture editor is already open and locked, click Update after selecting the desired objects.

  2. On the UVs menu:

    • Click on a single UV coordinate set to isolate it for display and editing.

    • Shift+click to toggle one or more UV coordinate sets for both display and editing.

    • Ctrl+click to toggle one or more UV coordinate sets for display but not editing. For example, this lets you snap UV coordinates from one set onto another set without accidentally selecting and modifying the second set.