Modifying Projection and Support Properties

Editing Projection and Support Properties

To open the property editor for a texture projection, as well as its support and other properties if they exist, do one of the following:

  • Select the object(s) whose projection you wish to edit, and choose one of the following from the Render toolbar:

    • Modify Projection Inspect Current UV opens the property editor for the object's current texture projection. This is the projection used when the object is viewed in a textured display mode (textured, textured decal, and so on).

      If you selected more than one object, a multi-selection property editor opens, allowing you to set properties for all of the objects' current texture projections.

      You can change the current projection from the object's Material property editor. See Material Node Property Editor [Properties Reference].


    • Modify Projection Inspect All UVs opens a multi-selection property editor for all of the object's texture projections.

      If you selected more than one object, the property editor affects all texture projections belonging to all selected objects.


  • In a texture shader property editor, click the Edit button beside the Texture Projection list.


  • Find the applicable node in an explorer and click its icon.

Renaming Texture Projections

Renaming a texture projection is different than renaming most other elements in Softimage. This is because connections need to be updated with the new name.

You can rename a projection in the usual way by selecting it in an explorer and pressing F2. Alternatively, you can click the Rename button in a Texture Projection's property editor.

Either way, the Rename Texture Projection dialog box opens. See Rename Dialog Box [Properties Reference].