This enum specifies the operator port flags. These flags are used to determine the behaviour and characteristics of the port.

Constant Value Description
siDefaultPort 0 The port is a regular port and must be connected.
siOptionalInputPort 16 The port is optional as does not need to be connected.
siCreatedOutputPort 256 The object connected to the output port is created when the operator is connected (not implemented for custom operators).
siBranchGroupPort 1024 The port can be connected to a group of a hierarchy of objects.

Applies To

CustomOperator.AddInputPort CustomOperator.AddInputPortByClassID CustomOperator.AddIOPort CustomOperator.AddIOPortByClassID CustomOperator.AddOutputPort CustomOperator.AddOutputPortByClassID Port.Flags CustomOperator::AddInputPort CustomOperator::AddInputPortByClassID CustomOperator::AddIOPort CustomOperator::AddIOPortByClassID CustomOperator::AddOutputPort CustomOperator::AddOutputPortByClassID CustomOperator::AddPortGroup Port::GetFlags PortGroup::AddInputPort PortGroup::AddIOPort PortGroup::AddOutputPort