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CBaseICEAttributeDataArray Class Reference

Detailed Description

Base class CICEAttributeDataArray class for the CICEAttributeDataArray and CICEAttributeDataArray2D template classes.

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8.0 (2010)

#include <xsi_iceattributedataarray.h>

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Public Member Functions

ULONG  GetCount () const
bool  IsConstant () const
XSI::siICENodeDataType  GetDataType () const
XSI::siICENodeStructureType  GetStructureType () const

Member Function Documentation

ULONG GetCount ( void  ) const [inline]

Accessor to the number of elements in the array.

Number of elements in the array.
bool IsConstant ( ) const [inline]

Returns true if the array is constant in which case the array values are the same.

True if array is constant or false otherwise.
XSI::siICENodeDataType GetDataType ( ) const [inline]

Returns the base data type of this array.

XSI::siICENodeDataType value.
XSI::siICENodeStructureType GetStructureType ( ) const [inline]

Returns the base structure type of this array.

XSI::siICENodeStructureType value.

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