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Create a mesh from curves


This manual remeshing process lets you import scan data, sketch out your ideal topology solution, then extract a new quad mesh. For example, you can import a complex character mesh with millions of triangles, then extract new meshes to create the character's clothing.

Creating a mesh from curves is designed to be an iterative process. In most cases, you'll need to adjust your curve network, adjust settings, and inspect the output mesh a few times until you have a satisfactory result.

To create a mesh from curves

  1. Load the source mesh you want to use as the source for extracting a new mesh.
  2. Start to draw a curve network over the source mesh to sketch out the topology of the new mesh.

    To start, you can Add curves to mesh edges to define the boundaries from which the rest of your topology design will flow.

  3. Continue with the Curve Tools, drawing the major feature lines you want on the mesh.
  4. With the Create Curve tool , connect edge loops and fill in the less crucial areas.

    Refer also to Best practices for manual remeshing.

  5. Make sure the source mesh is active or selected, then select Mesh > Create Mesh From Curves.
  6. In the Create Mesh From Curves window that appears, set the options you want and click Create Mesh.

    Mudbox evaluates the curve network you have drawn and attempts to create a new quad mesh based on the curve intersections.

  7. If the output mesh produces errors or contains unacceptable artifacts, you can modify your curve network, tweak the settings in the Create Mesh From Curves window, and try again.

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