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Select objects or components


To select whole objects

  1. Ensure that Maya is in Object selection mode. (Press hotkey: F8 to switch between selection modes.)
  2. Pick the Select Tool from the Tool Box and click an object, or Ctrl-click to select multiple objects.

    When you select multiple objects, the last selected object is drawn in a different color from other selected objects. This is known as the key object. Some tools and actions use the key object to determine what to do with the selection. For example:

    • When you transform multiple objects, the transformation uses the key object’s pivot point.
    • The constrain actions constrain all selected objects to the key object.

To select components of objects

  1. Ensure that Maya is in Component selection mode (hotkey: F8).
  2. Right-click an object to set a further mask on which component type to select. (For example, select Edge to select only edges, or Vertex to select only vertices.) See also Select specific component types.

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