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Select specific component types


The following table has tips for selecting certain types of components. They follow the same general pattern for selecting components, but demonstrate some selection techniques or component types that may not be obvious.

To... Do this

Select polygon faces.

-click a polyset and select Face, or press F11.

Select faces by either selecting the dots at the center of each face, or by selecting the faces themselves depending on what Select faces with mode you are in (see Selection preferences).

Select an arbitrary point on a curve.

-click a curve and select Curve Point.

Click and drag to select a point along the curve.

Select an isoparm on a surface.

-click a surface and select Isoparm.

Click a visible isoparm that runs in the direction you want, then drag to the position you want.

Select an arbitrary point on a surface.

-click a surface and select Surface Point.

Click an isoparm and drag to select a point on the surface.

Select a NURBS surface patch.

-click a NURBS surface and select Surface Patch.

Select the dots in the center of the patches.


You can marquee select multiple components by clicking and dragging to create a selection rectangle around the objects that you want to select.

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