Create a custom panel layout


To create a new custom panel layout

  1. Set up the layout, panel sizes, and panel contents you want.
  2. In a panel, select Panels > Panel editor.
  3. Click the Layouts tab.
  4. Click New Layout.
  5. Type a descriptive name for the layout in the Name text box.
    NotePanel layouts cannot use panels that have been torn off. If you select a panel layout that includes a torn-off panel, Maya displays a warning that it cannot use the panel. Any available panel is used instead. For example, the built-in Persp/Outliner panel layout usually places the Outliner in the left pane and the Perspective view in the right pane. If you tear the Outliner off into its own window, a warning is issued and another panel is put in place of the Outliner.

    Once you close the tear-off panel, it can be used by panel layouts that include it.

To assign a custom layout to one of the icons in the Quick Layout bar below the Tool Box

  1. Create custom panel layout.
  2. In the Quick Layout bar, press on the thumbnail you want to assign the new layout to, and select the layout from the menu.
  3. To change the thumbnail image, press on the thumbnail again and select Change Image. You can select a pre-made image or load an icon image from a file.

To delete a saved layout

  1. In a panel, select Panels > Panel editor.
  2. Click the Layouts tab.
  3. Click the layout name, then click Delete.

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