Add a new panel to the list of available panels


You can add a new item to the list of available panel contents. This lets you have more than one instance of a particular type of panel.

For example, you might create a character with so many parts that you can’t view the entire skeleton in the Outliner. In this case, you could create a second Outliner panel so you could view different parts of the hierarchy at the same time.

Not all panels can be duplicated. For example, only one Hypergraph panel is allowed.

To create a new panel

  1. In a panel select Panels > Panel Editor and click the New Panel tab.
  2. Click the name of a panel (such as the Outliner), then click Make New Panel.
  3. In a panel, select the new item from the Panels > Panel menu.

To delete a panel you created

  1. In a panel select Panels > Panel Editor and click the Panels tab.
  2. Click the panel you want to delete, then click Delete.

Once you have deleted a panel, you cannot restore it.

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