Panel editor


To open the Panel editor



Displays existing panels you can rename or delete.

  • Select a panel and edit the Label field to rename it. You cannot rename the Top View, Side View, Front View, or Persp View panels.
  • Select a panel and click Delete to remove it from the list.

New Panel

Contains controls for creating a new panel type.


Displays existing panel layouts.

  • Click New Layout to add an item to the list.
  • Click a layout and click the Edit Layouts tab to edit it.
  • To delete a layout, click it in the list, then click Delete.

Edit Layouts

Displays the current panel layout for editing.

  • Create a custom panel layout

    Use this tab to change the configuration and proportions of the layout.

    From the drop-down list, select the panel layout you want.

    Resize the panes by dragging the borders in the thumbnail view of the layout. The main window changes to reflect your changes.


    Use this tab to change which panel contents appear in the layout.

    Scene Independent

    Scene independent layouts are available for all scenes. Their contents are defined by panel types.

    If you have multiple panels of the same type in a scene, it is not certain which panels show up when you select your layout. This is not a problem in most cases; however, if you are working in a particular scene a great deal, then develop layouts that you can save specifically with that scene.

    Associated with Scene

    These layouts are only usable with the current scene. You can specify a particular panel if you have more than one of the same type.


Displays the history of the panels you used.

Maya keeps a record of panel layout changes. This lets you step forward or back through each view. This is helpful if you are moving between two layouts and cannot remember their names.

History Depth

Specify the number of configurations you want stored in the history.

Wrap History

Toggle this on to return you to the first view or the most recent view configuration when you reach the end of recorded history.

Clear History

Deletes the record of all the panels you have used.

Previous Layout

Browse back through the panel layouts.

Next Layout

Browse forward through the panel layouts.

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