Modify > Snap Align Objects > Point to Point, 2 Points to 2 Points, 3 Points to 3 Points


Snap objects together at one, two, or three points.

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The move options.


Apply the transformation to the object itself.


Apply the transformation to the object’s parent.


Apply the transformation to the object two levels up in the scene hierarchy.

Snap Type

Only appears in Snap 2 points to 2 points. You click two pairs of points on the two objects to align them. This option controls what Maya does when the pairs of points are different distances.


Snaps the first and third points you click, and aligns the second and fourth points in the same direction as the first and third.


Snaps the second and fourth points, aligns the first and third in the same direction.


Snaps the midpoint of the first and third points to the midpoint of the second and fourth, and aligns the other matching points in the same direction.

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