Displaying hard edges in customized colors

TipTo harden an edge, switch to edge mode and double-click an edge. Then select Normals > Harden Edge. For information about hard edges, see Normals > Harden Edge.

To view hard edges, select Display > Polygons > Hard Edges. To view normals, tangents and binormals, go to the object's shape node, then select Mesh Component Display > Display Normal (or Display Tangent).

You can display hard edges, normals, tangents and binormals in any color of your choice. Set the color preference using MEL scripts as follows:

In this example, the following settings have been applied:

NoteWhen Display > Polygons > Hard Edges is selected, the hard edges are displayed in color and soft edges are displayed in wireframe mode. When Display > Polygons > Soft/Hard Edges is selected, the soft edges are displayed in stipple mode and hard edges are displayed in wireframe mode.

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