Create a filter that specifies representations to render


You can use the Custom Render representation options to create a filter that specifies which representations you want to render at render time.

For more information about how Maya uses the filter to locate and render representations, see Specify assembly references to render. Too render active representations only, see Render active representations.

To create a filter that specifies which representations to render at render time

  1. Select Window > Render Editors > Render Settings to open the Render Settings window.
  2. In the Render Settings window, click the Common tab.
  3. Browse to Scene Assembly section then expand it.
  4. From the Render representation list, select Custom.
  5. To define the filter criteria, type information into one or more of the following fields:

    To make your filter more specific, type text into more than one of the fields. For example, creating a filter that uses Representation Name and Representation Type searches for representations that have the specified Name and are of the specified Type.

    Note The text you type in the Representation Name, Representation Label, and Representation Type fields is case sensitive. Ensure that your strings match the Name, Label, or Type attribute text of the representations you want to render.

When you render your scene (Render > Batch Render or Render > Render Current Frame), the active representations are rendered.

NoteThe Scene Assembly Render representation options are designed to work with assembly references. Using these options to render assembly definitions may not output the desired results.

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