Edit an existing ToolClip


To edit an existing ToolClip

  1. Copy the ToolClips.xml file from the builtin.toolclips\Control directory to the user.toolclips\Control directory. See ToolClip directories.

    You must copy the XML file to the user.toolclips directory, because any edits you make in the builtin.toolclips directory will be overwritten by software patches and upgrades.

  2. In a text or XML editor of your choice, open the copied ToolClips.xml file.
    NoteIf you plan on adding characters with double-byte encoding, it is recommended that you use an editor that supports UTF-8 formatting. Ensure that the file is saved with this encoding specified.
  3. Edit the file to customize the existing ToolClip. See Parts of theToolClip XML file.

    For example, you can edit videos, images, and links to point to your custom content.

    TipEach ToolClip is defined using <toolclip> elements. Remove any <toolclip> elements that you do not want to modify, so the original ToolClip data is used.
  4. Save the XML file.
  5. Add any new resources you specified in your XML file to the user.toolclips\Resources directory.
  6. Launch Maya to view your ToolClip.

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