Create a ToolClip


After you add a new element to Maya's interface, you can create a ToolClip to provide users with custom learning content.

When you hover over an item in Maya's interface, ToolClips look for a key name to identify it. ToolClips that ship with Maya use the last element of the interface item's hierarchical name as the key name. When creating your own custom ToolClips, you must use the interface item's name as the key name. You can link interface items to ToolClips by assigning the key name to the <key> attribute in the ToolClips.xml file. (See Parts of the ToolClip XML file).

To create a ToolClip

  1. Assign your new interface item a unique name.
    NoteNames cannot contain trailing numerical index values (ie. myButton1, myButton2).
  2. Copy the ToolClips.xml file from the builtin.toolclips\Control directory to the user.toolclips\Control directory. See ToolClip directories.

    You must copy the XML file to the user.toolclips directory, because any edits you make in the builtin.toolclips directory will be overwritten by software patches and upgrades.

  3. In a text or XML editor of your choice, open the copied ToolClips.xml file.
    NoteIf you plan on adding characters with double-byte encoding, it is recommended that you use an editor that supports UTF-8 formatting. Ensure that the file is saved with this encoding specified.
  4. Add a new <toolclip> element to the file.

    Each unique ToolClip is enclosed by <toolclip> elements. ToolClips that appear in Maya's interface are all located in the ToolClips.xml file.

  5. Add your ToolClip content. See Parts of theToolClip XML file for more information on formatting your ToolClip data.
  6. Ensure the key name of the interface item is assigned to the <key> attribute.
  7. Save the XML file.
  8. Add any new resources you specified in your XML file to the user.toolclips\Resources directory.
  9. Launch Maya to view your ToolClip.

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