File > Export to Offline File


Exports edits made to objects in a scene, such as connected nodes, to a file you specify. You can then apply these edits to other scenes with the Assign Offline File option.

See Export to an offline file.

File > Export to Offline File >

General Options

File type

Sets the file type to mayaBinary or mayaAscii. The default is mayaAscii.

Default file extensions

Adds the file extension .ma to Maya ASCII filenames and .mb to Maya Binary filenames.

Target Options

Export nodes

Sets which scene objects’ edits to export. Selected objects exports all selected objects’ edits. Referenced file exports edits for all references selected in the Reference Editor.

Include Options

Sets the types of edits to include in the export.

Reference Options

Include setAttr edits

Exports edits made to setAttr attributes.

File Type Specific Options

Use full names for attributes on nodes

Displays the full names of node attributes.

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