Sound preferences


You can set the following preferences in the Sound category of the Preferences window.


Waveform display

Controls how much of a sound’s waveform (amplitude representation) is displayed in the Time Slider. Default is All.


Displays only the top half of the sound.


Displays only the bottom half of the sound.


Displays the full waveform.

Repeat on hold

Specifies that a sound continuously repeats at the current time as you hold down the mouse button until you drag the Current Time Indicator to the next time in the Time Slider. Useful for locating a particular sound in a soundtrack. Default is off.

Repeat size

Specifies how much sound is repeated when you hold down the mouse button with Repeat on Hold turned on. Select the number of frames of sound you want to repeat. (Default is 1.) Only available if Repeat on Hold is on.

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