Snapping preferences


You can set the following preferences in the Snapping category of the Preferences window. With these options, you can control the size region around the mouse pointer that is used for the snap operation.


Use snap tolerance

When on, the snap region is restricted to a square area around the cursor, defined by the Snap Tolerance option. When off, the snap region is unlimited; you can snap to anything viewable.

Snap tolerance

Controls the size of the snapping area around the cursor when Use Snap Tolerance is on. For example, if you have two curves close together and you try snapping to one of the curves, the object may snap to the wrong curve. To avoid this, try using a small Snap Tolerance value.

UV Texture Editor Snapping

UV snap tolerance

This preference defines how close UVs are together before they snap when moving and using the v hotkey (snap to points).

Edge Snapping

Snap magnets

Controls the number of magnet points inside edges. For example, 3 means there are magnet points at each end and in the middle.

Magnet tolerance

Controls how “sticky” each magnet is; that is, how close the point must be to a magnet before the point snaps to it. Set this to 100 to constrain points to always be at magnet points.

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