Create, edit, or position an image plane


You can create two types of image planes: a free image plane that is not attached to a camera and that you can select and transform in your scene; or, an image plane that is attached to a camera.

For more information about image planes, see Image plane attributes.

Free image planes

To create a free image plane (method 1)

  1. Select Create > Free Image Plane.

To create a free image plane (method 2)

  1. In any orthographic view, select View > Image Plane > Import Image.

To edit or position a free image plane, select it in the scene and move or transform it as you like. When you select the free image plane, its Attribute Editor also opens.

For more information, see:

Attached image planes

To create an image plane attached to a camera (method 1)

  1. In the perspective view, select View > Image Plane > Import Image.
  2. Browse to the file you want and click Open.

    A placement icon appears, and the Image Plane Attribute Editor opens.

To create an image plane attached to a camera (method 2)

  1. Select View > Camera Attribute Editor.
  2. Under the Environment section of the camera Attribute Editor, click the Create button beside Image Plane.

    An image plane node is created and you can browse for your texture under the Image Name attribute.

To edit an existing image plane

  1. Select View > Image Plane > Image Plane Attributes from the current view and choose any of the camera’s image planes you want to edit.

    The selected image plane’s attributes display in the Attribute Editor (unless the Attribute Editor has been hidden)


    Right-click the arrow key of the image plane attribute in the camera to display a list of the image planes per camera.

To position an image plane

  1. Do one of the following:
    • Use the Placement attributes to position an image plane relative to the camera. See Placement.
    • Use the Placement Extras attributes to control which portion of an image file is visible on the image plane. See Placement Extras.

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