Editing and aligning free image planes


Select Create > Free Image Plane to create a free image plane.

By default, the Width and Height fields (under the Placement Extras section of the imagePlaneShape node) are set to 10 x 10.

When you load an image into a free image plane, the Width and Height fields are set to the image resolution divided by 100.

The Width and Height values are editable. You can enable Maintain Pic Aspect Ratio while adjusting either the Width or Height. When Maintain Pic Aspect Ratio is enabled, entering a value in either the Width or Height field adjusts the other to maintain the original width/height ratio.

Alternatively, you can disable the Maintain Pic Aspect Ratio and adjust each field individually, and even distort the width to height ratio.

TipTo set free image planes to exact dimensions, use this feature. Otherwise, use transform tools to adjust the size and shape of your image plane.

If you have more than one image plane in your scene, this feature allows you to align it along one dimension. For example, if you have two images, and Image A has dimensions 1024x912 and Image B has dimensions 1038x456, you can:


For image planes that are attached to a camera, you cannot edit the imageplane’s Width, Height, or Maintain Pic Aspect Ratio in the Attribute Editor. The options are disabled.

If an image plane has an image loaded, and Maintain Pic Aspect Ratio is enabled, you cannot edit both –h and –w flags in MEL/Python at the same time.

TipYou can also use the maintainRatio (mr) flag with the imagePlane command. Set it to true/false to enable or disable Maintain Pic Aspect Ratio.

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