Artisan Overview


What is Artisan?

Autodesk® Artisan is an intuitive paint and sculpting-based interface that delivers high quality, complex results in minimal time. Many brush tools in Autodesk® Maya® use the Artisan interface. These tools are called Artisan tools. Artisan tools let you manipulate your geometry in a more artistic manner by allowing you to paint their values and properties with the brush tool.

Artisan BrushTool Settings

Artisan uses the Maya Tool Settings editor to set tool properties. All Artisan tools share common options, which are described in Artisan Tool Settings.

The most common ways to open the Tool Settings editor are:

For each Artisan tool, the Tool Settings editor contains a section with settings that are specific to that tool. This unique section appears after the Brush section and its unique settings are described where the tool is described, as follows:

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