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Lets you use the Paint Attributes Tool to paint MEL scripts. For more information, see Paint attributes. See also How Artisan brush tools work.

Modify > Paint Attributes Tool >

Use this to specify the settings for the Paint Attributes Tool in the Tool Settings editor. In the Paint Attributes section there are some attributes unique to the Paint Attributes Tool. These unique attributes are described below along with some of the common attributes, and how they apply to this tool. For descriptions of all other attributes in all other sections, see Artisan Tool Settings.

Paint Attributes

These settings apply to the Paint Attributes as well as the Paint Cluster Weights, Paint Jiggle Weights, and Paint Soft Body Weights Tools.

List of paintable attributes

If the surface has no paintable nodes or attributes, the button name is No attribute selected. Otherwise, the button name is a node and node attribute detected on the surface. Click this button and select the name of the node and node attribute you want to paint. The Paint Attributes Tool automatically detects paintable nodes and attributes on the surface, (even ones you register yourself) and lists them for selection, according to the selected filter.


Click this button and select which paintable nodes display when you click the List of Paintable Attributes button. When you select a filter, the button name changes to indicate the attribute you are filtering. You can select from any paintable node. For example, if the filter is set to all, all paintable nodes and attributes are listed. If the filter is set to cluster, only cluster nodes are listed.

Paint Operation

Select an operation to define how you want painted values to be affected.


Replaces the values you paint over with the specified Value and Opacity.


Adds the specified Value and Opacity to the current vertex values you paint over. If the Min or Max Value is negative, the value actually decreases.


Scales the values you paint over by the Value and Opacity factors.


Changes the values to be the average of the surrounding values.


Set the value to apply when you perform any of the painting operations.

Min/Max Value

Set the minimum and maximum possible paint values. By default, you can paint values between 0 and 1. Setting the Min/Max Values you can extend or narrow the range of values. Negative values are useful for subtracting weight. For example, if you set Min Value to -1, Value to -0.5, and select Add for the operation, you would subtract 0.5 from the weight of vertices you paint. Positive values are used as multipliers.


To help you differentiate paint values when you paint with ranges greater than 0 to 1 (for example, -5 to 5), and to maximize the range of values that display when you paint values with ranges between 0 to 1 (for example, 0.2 to 0.8), set Min Color and Max Color (in the Display section) to correspond with the Min/Max values.


Select whether you want to clamp the values within a specified range, regardless of the Value set when you paint.


Turn this on to clamp the lower value to the Clamp Values specified below. For example, if you clamp Lower and set the lower Clamp Values to 0.5, the values you paint will never be less than 0.5, even if you set the Value to 0.25.


Turn this on to clamp the upper value to the Clamp Values specified below. For example, if you clamp Upper, set the upper Clamp Values to 0.75, and set Value to 1, the values you paint will never be greater than 0.75.

Clamp Values

Set the Lower and Upper values for clamping.


Click Flood to apply the brush settings to all the attribute values on the selected node. The result depends on the brush, value, paint operation, and other brush settings defined when you perform the flood. See Flood surfaces.

Vector Index

If you are painting a three channel attribute (RGB or XYZ), select the channel you want to paint. If you are painting a single channel attribute, you can use any setting.

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