Graph Editor graph view


The graph view of the Graph Editor displays animation curve segments, keys, and key tangents.

-click anywhere in the Graph Editor to open the pop-up menu containing the Graph Editor menu bar items.

In addition to the Graph Editor tools in the toolbar, you can use the Select Tool, Move Tool, and Scale Tool to manipulate keys in the graph view of the Graph Editor.

Select Tool

Use the Select Tool to select curves, segments, tangents, and keys in the graph view.

Sweep with the mouse button down to select the contents of an area. You can click an animation curve, tangent handle, or key point to select the individual item.

Move Keys Tool

Use the Move Keys Tool to select and manipulate components of the graph view.

The Move Tool’s Move Key Settings are only available when the Graph Editor is active.

See Transformation Tools > Move Keys Tool (in the Graph Editor Edit menu).

Scale Keys Tool

Use the Scale Tool to scale a region of animation curve segments and the positions of keys in the graph view.

See Transformation Tools > Scale Keys Tool.

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