Sculpting with symmetry

To give the head a more goblin-like appearance, you need to make the cheeks and eyebrows more boney. However, to do this, you need to adjust both cheeks equally. You can do this with the transformation tools’ Reflection settings.

To modify both cheeks simultaneously

  1. Double-click the Move Tool in the Toolbox.
  2. In the Reflection section, turn on Reflection and set the Reflection axis to X.
  3. -click the head and select Vertex from the marking menu.

    The vertices appear on the mesh.

  4. With the camera positioned in front of the head, select a set of vertices on the left cheek.

    A colored falloff appears on both cheeks.

  5. Pull the x axis manipulator to the left so that the cheeks are pulled closer together.

    Both cheeks are transformed identically and appear more boney.

Now you can adjust the eyebrows to make the goblin angrier.

To rotate the eyebrows

  1. Press the ‘b’ key on your keyboard to disable Soft Select.
  2. Click the outermost vertex on the left eyebrow.
  3. + double-click the innermost vertex on the left eyebrow.

    All the vertices on the same loop are selected between and including the two vertices.

    NoteThe selection of vertices on the other side of the reflection seam does not appear complete after this step. This is normal and is rectified in step 4.
  4. Press the ‘b’ key on your keyboard to enable Soft Select.
  5. Hold the ‘b’ key on your keyboard and drag the mouse left and right to adjust the Falloff radius so that it only affects the eyebrow.
  6. Double-click the Rotate Tool from the Toolbox.

    The Tool Settings editor appears.

  7. Drag the dark blue rotate manipulator in the scene to rotate the eyebrows inward.