Sculpting with Surface based falloff

The default setting in Maya uses a spherical volume to determine what components are contained in the Falloff radius. However, sometimes you need the Falloff radius to follow the contours of the surface. To do this, you must use Surface based falloff.

To make the ears pointy

  1. Double-click the Move Tool in the Toolbox.

    The Tool Settings editor appears.

  2. In the Soft Selection section, set the Falloff mode to Surface.
  3. Tumble the model so that you have a clear view of the left ear.
  4. -click the head and select Vertex from the marking menu.

    The vertices appear on the mesh.

  5. Select a vertex on the tip of the ear.
  6. Hold the ‘b’ key on your keyboard and drag the mouse left or right to adjust the Falloff radius so that it encompasses the top half of the ear.

  7. Use the manipulators to pull the ear until it’s pointed.

    Surface based falloff ensures that only the ear is affected by your transformation. If you were using Volume based falloff, parts of the head would also be moved along with the ear.

  8. Select the Scale Tool and scale the ears along the x axis so they become thinner.
  9. Select the Move Tool again and pull the pointy end of the ears away from the head.