Selecting with Drag select

In addition to marquee selecting sets of components, you can also select them by dragging over them with the mouse. This is similar to the way that the Paint Selection Tool works.

To make the eyes sockets more pronounced

  1. Double-click the Select Tool in the Toolbox.

    The Tool Settings editor appears.

  2. In the Common Selection Options section, turn on Drag.

    The mouse cursor turns into a brush cursor.

  3. Beneath the Drag option, turn on Camera based selection.
  4. -click the head and select Vertex from the marking menu.

    The vertices appear on the mesh.

  5. On one side of the mesh, drag the mouse around the eye socket, beneath the eyebrow until you’ve covered a small area around the eye.

    You may find it easier to temporarily disable Soft Select to get a better view of what you are selecting. You can quickly toggle Soft Select on and off by pressing the ‘b’ key on your keyboard.

  6. With Soft Select on, hold the ‘b’ key and drag the mouse to resize the falloff area so it covers only the eye sockets.
  7. Select the Move Tool in the Toolbox and pull the z axis manipulator toward the head.

    The eye sockets are pulled in so that both the eyebrow line, bridge of the nose, and cheeks are better accented.

  8. Press the b key to turn Soft Select off.
  9. -click the head and select Object from the marking menu.
  10. Select the two eyes and move them back along the z axis so they fit into the eye sockets again.