Adjusting the Seam tolerance

You can use the seam tolerance to fatten the nose at the end.

  1. -click the head and select Vertex from the marking menu.

    The vertices appear on the mesh.

  2. Select a vertex on the left side of the tip of the nose.
  3. Press the ‘b’ key to turn Soft Select on.
  4. Hold the ‘b’ key and move the mouse left or right to resize the Falloff radius so it only encompasses the tip of the nose.
  5. Select the Move Tool by double-clicking it in the Toolbox.
  6. In the Tool Settings Editor, in the Reflection Settings section, click the Reset button.
  7. Set the Seam Tolerance to 5.

    The Seam Tolerance controls the falloff around the seam. By increasing the number, you ensure that the vertices at the tip of the nose spread evenly.

  8. Move the vertex away from the reflection line along the x axis to widen the end of the nose.

Now you can unhide the hat layer to finish off the goblin.

To unhide the hat

  1. Open the Channel Box and click the first empty box in the hat layer.