Swapping assets

Assets with partial or fully identical sets of published names can be swapped while maintaining the values of the matching published attributes. This allows you to quickly re-purpose scenes or swap different assets in and out of your current scene.

To swap the police car for a fire truck

  1. Select File > Import.

    A file browser appears.

  2. Navigate to the Fire truck file that you saved in Lesson 1.

    If you didn’t start at Lesson 1, navigate to Getting Started/Assets/assets and select the file firetruck_templated.ma.

    Maya imports the fire truck into your scene.

  3. In the Outliner, select police_car_AST and + select fire_truck_AST.
  4. Select Edit > Transfer Attribute Values > .

    The Transfer Attribute Values Options window appears.

  5. In the Transfer Attribute Values Options window, select Edit > Reset Settings.
  6. Set the following options:
    • Turn on Values.
    • Turn on In connections and set it to Transfer from source.
    • Turn on Out connections.
  7. Click Apply and Close.

    The fire truck jumps to the police car’s position so that they overlap. If you play the animation now, the fire truck follows the police car’s previous path and then stops outside the apartment building and opens its doors. The police car remains stationary.

  8. Delete the police car asset by selecting it from the Outliner and pressing .