Saving brush settings for future use

When you first selected the preset brush fern.mel previously, Maya copied it to the template brush. You then edited the color and various other attributes of the template brush to create a unique ferns brush. The next steps show how to save the current settings of the template brush for future use.

To save a brush to the Shelf

  1. On the main menu bar, select Paint Effects > Save Brush Preset. This is the menu item you use to save the template brush as a preset brush.
  2. Type the name blueFern in the Label box as well as the Overlay Label box.

    This name appears in icons on the Shelf or Visor after you save the brush.

  3. For the Save Preset option, turn on To Shelf. This means you’ll put the brush on the Shelf but not in the Visor.
  4. Click Grab Icon and drag a selection box around a part of the image that is representative of the brush’s result.

    A swatch appears in the window for the selected region. Repeat this step until you are satisfied with the icon.

  5. Click Save Brush Preset. An icon for the new preset brush appears on the Shelf.
  6. To check that the blueFern brush works, select a different preset brush and paint on the canvas, then select the blueFern from the Shelf and paint on the canvas.
  7. Clear the canvas and close the Save Brush Preset window.