Editing strokes with tubes attributes

Now you’ll edit the attributes that specify the foliage that grows along the path with fern.mel.

To edit tube attributes

  1. To edit brush settings, select Brush > Edit Template Brush.
  2. Open the Tubes section, then open Growth.

    By default, only Leaves and Buds are created as you paint. You can also create Branches, Twigs, and Flowers to simulate a fern in various stages of its natural life cycle.

  3. Turn on Flowers. Paint on the canvas to see the result.
  4. Open the Leaves section, change Leaves in Cluster to 4, then paint on the canvas.

    Leaves are created in radial clusters around a branch or twig. This setting defines how many leaves are in each cluster. The higher the number, the denser the foliage.

  5. To make the flowers point in a different direction, open the Behavior section and then the Forces section. Set Path Follow to 0.1.
  6. Paint to see the result.