Modifying a primitive object

To create a simple cap for the salt shaker, you’ll create a sphere, alter its shape, and position it above the body.

To create and modify a sphere for the salt shaker’s cap

  1. Select Create > NURBS Primitives > Sphere > . In the options window, select Edit > Reset Settings, and click the Create button. Maya puts the sphere at the origin, its display currently obstructed by the salt shaker body.
  2. Name the sphere Cap.
  3. Move the cap to the top of the body.

  4. Scale the cap size so that its diameter fits snugly at the top of the body.
  5. Adjust the cap’s position as desired.
  6. In a side view, make sure that the cap is displayed as a wireframe.
  7. Right-click on the Cap and choose Control Vertex from the marking menu.
  8. Select the top row of CVs and drag them down until the top of the cap is flattened:

    Check that the bottom half of the cap isn’t poking through the visible surface of the body. You can scale the bottom CVs inward to avoid this problem.