Duplicating curves

In the next steps, you’ll create several copies of the previously created circles (also called curves) to form the skeletal contours of the salt shaker’s surface.

To duplicate curves for the lofted surface

  1. Right-click the outer curve and choose Select from the marking menu.
  2. Select Edit > Duplicate Special > . In the options window, select Edit > Reset Settings, enter the following values, then click Duplicate Special:

    • Translate: 0 3 0
    • Scale: 0.93 1 0.93
    • Number of Copies: 4

    This creates four copies of the original curve, each translated three units above the last, and each scaled smaller than the last.

  3. Select the inner circle and then move it to 0, 13, 0 by entering these translate values in the Channel Box. Increase its Scale attributes to 1.33, 1.33, 1.33..

  4. Use Edit > Duplicate Special > with the following options:
    • Translate: 0 2 0
    • Scale: 1.05 1 1.05
    • Number of Copies: 3

    This creates three copies of the circle, each translated two units above the last, and each bigger than the last.